Wednesday, September 24, 2008

David Blaine is a Fake

People are angry with endurance artist David Blaine. They say he is cheating in his stunt to hang upside down for 60 hours.

New Yorkers arriving at Central Park to witness his record attempt yesterday were surprised to find him standing upright, being examined by a doctor.

Blaine had previously pledged to drink through a straw while hanging and to urinate through a catheter, but the amateur video shows him standing and drinking bottled water.

After 15 minutes or so, he returned to hanging upside down. This has led the bloggers who went to view the stunt dismayed.

“This is like being on a hunger strike for 22 hours a day. You know, taking two hours off for lunch and dinner break,” wrote one.

Another said: “I arrived at 9am this morning to find him on the platform, and he stayed there for 20 minutes. I watched the time. And while this was happening, I asked a security guard what he thought about it. He told me, ‘yeah, it's kind of cheap, isn't it?’ I asked him how many breaks he'd seen him take this morning, and the guard told me ‘Three, maybe four, since eight when I arrived.”

Now, the upside hanging star might be hanged straight by the public!

Source: Livenews, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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